We hail from the culinary capital (the city of Kannur), of a green-tropical province called God's own country, where spices are grown along with trees of coconuts, jackfruits, bananas and mangoes along with all kinds of seafood (including mussels, prawns etc), tropical fruits and vegetables.

All these makes a quintessential part of Kerala's rich diverse and vibrant cuisine. Be it the vegetarian Sadhya with 18 different dishes served on banana leaf, or the rich coconuty and creamy fish curries or the meat curries with multi layered porotta, all have a unique and unforgettable place in Indian culinary.

At Indian spice hut. we put all our "love" and maximum effort for the benefit of our customers;
We develop our service based on the talents and values of our employees,
we strive everyday to develop better working conditions and a better standard of living for our employees and their families, for the benefit of the food lovers.

We want to present a unique Indian dining experience with all the time tested, centuries old traditional dishes from the land of spices.


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